Tuesday 28 June 2016

Someone is loving the rain.

You need to look closely, but finally the large cycad is starting to flush.  Lots of rain and extra feed seems to have done the trick.

Friday 24 June 2016

A break form the rain

My friends always laugh when I say that June in the UK is our monsoon month.  They are not laughing this year, as it has been foul, with the last two days being full on thunder storms and flooding. Thankfully the flooding has not been bad as long as you are not trying to camp at a festival.

To get out of the ran it was time to take on one of the re-potting tasks.  The agave filifera variegata has gone a bit pupping mad.

It's never certain how easily pups are going to come off, so it was nice they came away without much problem.

Not a bad collection of pups, only a few without roots.  Those are only the pups, the mum is safely potted up elsewhere.

They'll stay potted up like this for a month or so while I decide what to do with them. It may be anything time for one of my hardiness tests. I probably have a few spare.

My succulent friends are doing well for spares this year.