Sunday 12 January 2014

Winter hibination

It seems to have been the norm for the last few years that I really don't feel like doing garden and plant things in November and December.  Maybe it is the short days or the plants all being safely tucked up, but just can not get motivated to bother with the garden.

This year there is another reason in the final preparation for the big build and on Monday the work actually started. It was always going to be the case that they trashed the garden, especially as it is not that big, even after only 2 days it looks different.  The front now has slightly more height than it did before

In the back we agreed that they would leave the back part clear to ensure we could get in and out of the greenhouse and garage. Plus more importantly to ensure none of the plants get damaged.  Obviously being builders that seems to have straight out the window and here is the back garden:

Did you notice the ladder rested across the top of the plants onto the table next to the garage door.  I'm surprisingly relaxed about it at present, the garden has deliberately been left untouched instead of starting planting it up. Besides the quicker they finish the quicker I can start. When planning they were going to leave the patio area to ensure the house was finished quickly, but I was more concerned they had finished and cleared the garden for spring. There have been a few strange conversations along the lines of "it doesn't matter what you do to the house, but damage my plants and there will be trouble"
With another 17 weeks of build left I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. Hopefully I'll find something to write about, I am guessing I am going to need something to keep my mind off living in a building site. I will also need to get on with the garden planning, they need to know if I am going to use the wall to the patio to build a south facing agave bank, so lots of fun to come with looking at ideas for the final design.

I figure if nothing else the garden can't look worse when I have finished.