Tuesday 22 October 2013

What are the signs of your plant addiction?

At this time of year there is no hiding it, every windowsill is covered in plants, with a few of the larger ones on tables or by doors and generally scattered around the house.  The other common symptom is watching out for nurseries when visiting new locations.  This was in full flow at the weekend, it was too much when a sign appeared at the side of the road saying "Largest selection of alpines in the UK". Permission was granted for a QUICK stop and I left with 4 little pots and a big smile.

Sometimes it the signs are more subtle, on seeing these my first thought what great planters, drainage holes and everything.  Why can't we find troughs like this in London.

It took me a while to realise they were coffins.

Being in a grave yard at the time, should probably have been a clue.

I still think they would make great troughs, a definite talking point in the garden. I am obviously not alone. When I told this to a friend he sent me a link to a story about a couple who had planted up a trough they found in their new garden. Only to find out it was a unique roman  coffin worth £100000! (Here is a link to the story).

This is not unusual for me, I have notice that I tend to look at objects thinking about their potential as planters.  A big log that could be hollowed out, an old bird bath, or that toy dumper trunk that is crying out to be planted up.

So do you have any less obvious symptoms of your plant addiction?


  1. I'd say all my symptoms are rather obvious. No hiding it really.

    Those coffins are kinda creepy. The head notch, the drainage (???) hole...yuck.

    1. I like you blog today, your denial garden would seem a great symptom.

      And you dragonfly seems apt with my coffins!

  2. Não tenho muito criatividade para
    elaborar plantadores mas estas caixas
    servem muito bem.

  3. LOL @ Hoover Boo. That's the truth. Anyway, I would kill to have those caskets as planters. Making those into vertical gardens with some creeping succulents growing from the bottom...yes.

    1. I like your turn of phrase "I would kill to have those" very suitable for a collection of coffins.
      Interesting idea to use them as vertical planters.