Monday 16 February 2015

New year and new part of the garden

It is already the middle of Feb so this is probably the latest new year post on record, but those that have been following for a while will know I tend to hybernate over winter and loose all interest in plants.  The plants have been left to get on with it, the greenhouse all shut up and those inside the house watered once just to keep them going.

Then a few sunny, warmer days and it starts to feel like there may be an end to winter and the interest in plants returns again. It is a strange time, on the one front starting to thing of warmer days while knowing that it could and probably will go back to being cold with lots more frosts. On warm day though you have to get out and start exploring the garden again, looking at how the plants are doing and starting to make plants for the coming year.

This is year along side the spikie stuff, the rest of the garden needs to be sorted including the shade area. Strangely the first purcaseof the year was therefore not spikie at all but these. These were partly presents from friends and family who over the last year have been giving me I.O.Us and put together they added up to a fair amount of mystery package.

I am guessing most people may be able to guess they are tree fern trunks.  In the UK it is so much cheaper to buy unrooted trunks like this. A lot of frequent watering and they should soon send out their new fronds, assuming we don't have an extended cold period that is.

It is going to be interesting working on a whole different type of rockery, creating a shade area with lush greenery and hopefully som einteresting underplanting.

I'll save the unwrapping on here, until I start on the planting. But don't worry, while there will be the posts on the other parts of the garden, there are no plans to stop the succulent developements as well. I have a whole front garden to play with!

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  1. We'll be watching to see what happens with the ferns, and the rest of your collection.