Monday, 20 July 2015

Crassula sarcocaulis are suddenly everywhere.

I had been looking for something to bonsai for years. I wanted a plant with small leaves, that would form a nice tree shape.  At a plant fair in May I found my little Crassula sarcocaulis which was perfect. 

It has been in the cycad rockery since then and has pretty much doubled in size already, plus it is flowering nicely.

The outside of the flowers are pink which is what you notice, then when looking closely the open flowers can be seen as white.

Showing this photo elsewhere a friend commented that they had the same plant, but it had different leaves.  A few photos were exchanged and it was different. Then today in my local garden centre what should be sitting there but a pallet of crassula sarcocaulis. At first it was shock that having looked for so long they turn up everywhere this year, don't you hate that! Looking closely I noticed the leaf was different.

You can see the leaf is much wider than my original plant.  So did a bit of searching and there are apparently two forms, white and pink flowering.  Strangely the flower colour is the only difference mentioned in the descriptions, although there is mention of difference in hardiness.

This one is staying in a pot to be played with over the next few years.  The internet search showed they are good for bonsai, being easy to train, and to take cuttings from. It is going to be fun watching them both develop and seeing which form I like best.

No doubt it wont be long until there are a whole series of them scattered around the garden.

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  1. I've been training Crassula Sarcocaulis into bonsai for 12 years. Love this plant - they train easily, grow quickly and everybody just love them as bonsai trees. They love hugging stones and rocks and grow beautifully over and around them.