Wednesday 19 August 2015

Progress out front

The front garden has been mentioned a few time over the summer, it was due to be the big project. There has been progress, but no where near what was planned. Other demands have kept me busy, plus it slow.

At the start of spring, it was a weed and blown in plant mess.

First job to clear this mess. Turns out the builders had buried a lot of bricks and flint. The rubble was dug out and that should have been the end.

Or so I thought.

I can almost hear the laughs from the rest of you, and it wont come as a surprise to learn that a little rain later and the whole garden was once again covered in plants.  The seeds were grateful for the nice loose soil and were rampant.

The whole area was then sprayed twice with weed killer, which was far more successful. Not something I had used before, but I was assured that it was quick acting and then degrades and is safe to plant the area up shortly afterwards.

The next stage was to level the whole area and compact the section that will occasionally be used to park on. Gravel was ordered, the next delay. Finally it turned up.

First part done.  This will be the section that will sometimes be parked on.  There are two strips of matting to reinforce the area, with the centre being left clear for planting.  The plan is to plant down this central strip so it does not look like a parking space.

Second part almost done.  Typically there was one tiny bit left as the gravel ran out.  The section to the right of the path, will be planted up with bulbs and other plants to give a different gravel garden to the back.  There will of course be the odd succulent mixed in as well.

These photos were taken at about 7pm, so you can see the garden gets afternoon and evening sun, some is in shade until 3pm, so the plants will not cook as much.

This bit can now be planted up as the bulbs arrive. I have a few large pots, and the two butlers sinks to be placed out here as well. Drains and a man hole cover mean part of the garden can not be planted.

I am going to have to find  better photo point, you can look in from all sides, there is no one point that shows it best. Doesn't look good from this angle, but shows the rocks going in and the first collection of pots.

The whole garden will have a blue, white and silver theme, so the plants like yucca rostrata and pale agaves will fit in well.  The palm in the photos is  chamaerops humilis cerifera which has a lovely silver colour to the fronds.

This agave ovatifolia frosty blue should look right at home with the colour scheme.  It will stay in the pot until next year, then go in the ground once a bit bigger.

The next stage is to build the soil bed sections.  The idea is to have a large raised circular bed as the main feature, with a gravel path around the edge. This will be off to the left of the photo. Leaving two other beds; a small shade one under the bay window, the other at the front.

Still lots to do, but it feels like the main bit is done, and it's good to have plants there again.


  1. Nothing like a clean slate to start work! I prefer your smaller lot and garden wall combos over wide open front areas.

    1. It is very unusual not to have an enclosed front garden in the UK.