Monday 1 May 2017

Back taking shape

It is funny to think that the original time table was to have the workshop built for this weekend, so I thought it was time for an update on plans. With the lighter evenings, and some nice weather, it has been possisble to go out after work, so there has been slow progress.

With the space cleared it was poassible to set out some options for the new bed.

Even at this time of year it gets the last of the evening sun, so is going to be a lovely place to sit and enjoy a drink or two.

Then onto the new terrace, leveling and setting out the slabs to see what they look like. This is where the old garage was, so the ground apart from being very compact is full of rubble. Great for a patio, terrible for digging flower beds, we have already removed 15 bags full of rubble, with more still to go.

We lived with this for a while, then the slabs were layed properly. One thing that still has to be worked out is the interchange between the gravel path and the slabs.

This bed has been named the paisley bed, for obvious reasons. I think we are going to take a break from the boring stuff for a bit and actually get onto some planting. With this section finished, we can plant the whole way around to join the succulent rockery. Moving the greenhouse can wait. Two of the three trees are already here: the olive, and a trachycarpus fortunei.  The third is proving elusive, a strawberry tree, Arbutus 'Marina'. Ultimately it will go where the greenhouse currently is, when I manage to track one down and the greenhouse is moved.

Hopefully the next post on this section will be it all planted up.

Although the focus is on getting this area ready, the green roof is always in the back of my mind. Ideas and plant list are forming, soruces for bulk buying plants explored and there may have been the odd visit to local nurseries and a few test purchases.

I'm saying these are all for the green roof, this may or maynot be true.

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