Monday 16 October 2017

When photo records fail.

It has not been the summer I expected.  Having started well, it got to mid July and the workshop floor was down, so the proper work on the garden restarted. Then I hurt my knee and had to spend 6 weeks not using it, strictly no gardening.  Then I had to go to Uganda for 2 weeks for work, followed by two lovely weeks in Spain (I come back to that in another post). Then got back to the UK and spent every weekend visiting friends or them visitnig us, and suddenly it is October!

So much to catch up on. Today I was cleaning up in the front garden and noticed how much the buttlers sink had filled out.

It was a mixture of left over plants, so a bit of test.  I love the little mound forming alpines and have been looking for some that give me the look I am after. These have grown much quicker than

I thought these were suppose to be slow. In my defence the one on the left was tiny when planted last year.  It will have to be moved next spring, I think I'll re-do the whole planter as I love this end, and the other is to diverse.

So having taken some photos, I come inside to check the plant names and nothing!  Normally when I do a planter like this, or any pot, I take a photo of the whole thing and each plant with the label.  Then if the label vanishes I have the photos for ID.  There is no chance I wouldn't have done it, I just didn't upload the photos.

I hate not knowing plant names. I sense there will be a few weeks of searching in the hope something turns up.


  1. u are so artistic!.. excuse my ignorance but did u only use rock/gravel? any soil ? and i assume there is drainage?

    1. Thank you. It is planted in about 50 / 50 soil and gravel. the sink is angled so that water will drain out the plug hole.

  2. Those dainty little Alpines are exquisite. Something you can grow and SoCal cannot because of the heat.

    Digital photos are the greatest bit of technology seems to me, but the downside is organizing them. I know I've taken a photo of something, but can't find it.

    Then looking back at them tells me I miss important things and obvious things that should be photographed, like overall views of the garden, in favor of out-of-focus repetitive photos of the same thing. Displays the weaknesses of an obsession.

    1. Thank you. We have commented before how we long for parts of the others climate. I still think on balance yours wins over mine.

      What is it they say, that you only find out how good things are when they go wrong.

      For me, having from from a house where i had plants not a garden, it is taking time to get used to having a garden as a whole instead. I am better when out, as there I go to the other extreme and don't take photos instead enjoying taking everything in with a lens in the way.

  3. Hope all is well! Missing your posts and seeing how the plants are doing.