Thursday 19 July 2018

Cycad envy

So I have just got back from a work trip to Uganda and I am now thinking my cycad flush is not that impressive.

Everywhere you looked there were lovely cycads.

Sadly there were not a lot of interesting agaves or aloes around,  this was about the most interesting agave I saw during the week.

Notice it has been de-clawed for the guests safety.

Entebbe is a nice and relaxed place, right on Lake Victoria. So you are surrounded by water on most sides.

It was a little strange, London is going through a heat wave and we haven't seen any rain at all for months. Then Entebbe is suppose to be in the dry season and yet it rained almost every day. Apparently they have noticed over the last few years that the weather is less predictable and the whole dry / rainy season descriptions no longer fit.

There was not much else to report plant wise,   I didnt have time to visit the botanic gardens (one day I will), but for the first time I did make it out onto the lake for a quick sunset bird watching trip.


Local fishermen, setting their nets for the night.
Some of the other local fishers.

 It is hard to be anything but relaxed when this is your view.


  1. That's the most amazing cycad I've ever seen and I thought the ones you had were already pretty amazing.

    1. They do love Ugand's climate. The trunks are much thicker than I see elsewhere.

  2. Very different look to the Cycas than they look here. Wide!

    The Agave growing in a lawn made me laugh.

    Nice pelican shot. They are such photogenic birds.

    1. Yes every one had a really thick trunk, and were much wider than I am used to as well.

      I guess it makes sense to cut the terminal spikes off is you have guest house., but did make me laugh.