Saturday 11 August 2018

Aloe arborscens variegata

For the last year I thought I had two forms of this plant, a yellow and a white variegated form. The yellow form has an amazing structure. The colour really stands out.

Then the white form, is slightly smaller and the variegation not as strong (although it is stronger than it looks than the photo shows).

When apart the colour looks very different. Together it is apparent that it is simply the amount of green and they're the sample colours.

It is clear the strongly variegated plant kills the look of the lightly variegated one.  So from now on they will be kept in separate locations


  1. If you close your eyes you can't even see the difference.

    1. I noticed actually that they are pretty much perfect mirror images of each other variegation wise. The one I thought was more white, is actually really nice stode on its own.

  2. Please delete this if it's against your posting guidelines. I couldn't find a way to 'ask a question' or email you.

    I just got that a few weekends ago and it was labeled as Aloe cameronii variegata but I can't find anything like that online at all. I just realized that it looked a lot like the arborescens and so that's what I'm going with at the moment. Any thoughts? Thx much and SUPER GLAD to see you 'springing' back!