Tuesday 21 May 2019

It's echeveria season

The garden and pots are are full of flower spikes at the moment. The best are in the echeveria elegans river, which looks amazing at this time of year.

In the evening they are backlit which adds to the drama.  The bumble bees love them

The concrete egg is full of echeveria cuspidata var zaragoza, which is one of my favourites. Sadly it isn't hardy for my garden so has to be moved inside over winter.

The flowers are are a nicer colour than the very pale elegans.

While out enjoying the evening sun, I thought I might as well plant up the aloe aristatas. I have been trying to get some to survive for the last few years and they seem fine in the main rockery. They have got to a decent size now and have properly started to spred

I have been growing on a pot to plant at the fron of the cycad rockery. The hope is they will contrast well with the echeverias.


  1. REALLY PRETTY! I think the intermingling will look great. The dark green on the light green. Have you thought about speeding the process along? Remove some of the elegans and put aloes in those spots. Then take the removed elegans and mix them between the aloes you currently have?

    1. Thank you. I want to keep the two plants separate in this section, so you get the block colour. Plus I am using the spare elegans for anothe rproject, so will be short of ones to cut out once that starts