Friday 27 August 2010

I'm a grandad!

I was doing my usual look around the pots today, and spotted that the label on one of my prized plants was falling out of the pot.  I went to push it back in and spotted the cause was a pup.  One the the highlights of owning succulents is when they produce offsets or pups.  I get excited whenever this happens, but this one is particularly special:

What do you mean, what's all the excitement about!  Ok she doesn't look much at the moment,  but here is the mum and hopefully the pup will grow up to look equally glamorous.

That is better.  A variegated  Haworthia Limifolia, took me ages to track one down and having owned it for a couple of years it is still one of my favourite plants.  There is obviously something in the air, as a few other plants have also been busy.  It is good to have something to brighten up these wet days.

Mother and baby both doing well.

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