Saturday 28 August 2010

It's all go in the succulent garden

Yesterday it was babies,  today it is flowers, who says succulent gardening isn't high octane fun!  Ok admittedly that may be going a bit far, but the plants are strutting their stuff at the moment with lots of firsts for my garden.

Todays subject is echeveria Cante. A particularly nice variety whos leaves have a fine pink edge. The whole plant is covered in a fine white powder giving it its luminous colour.  While the powder (or bloom) makes for a stunning plant, it is a right pain when it comes to re-potting or even watering.  There is nothing worse than finding a finger print on a leaf which you know is going to spoil the look of the plant for months to come.

And don't get me started on visitors who touch the leaves to see why they are white.....

Anyway returning to the happy times, the flowers on this one have finally opened, having been promising to do so for over a month, and it was worth the wait.  They are strange almost ghost like, being white like the rest of the plant.  Bloom only forms on the outside of the flower so as it opens you get these bright pink stripes. (The colour in this photo is pretty much spot on and this is probably due to using the light tent my OH made recently. Will be testing it out more in future posts).

The red tip is caused by nectar, so the bees are going to love this one. Lets just hope they don't leave muddy little foot prints all over the plant.

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