Thursday 31 March 2011

Probably the best plant description ever.

There are two running battles in my house.  The first, as I have mentioned before, is between my OH and the plants. I would like to think this was for my attention, but sadly it has more to do with her wish to be able to walk around without being stabbed or scratched by plants.  The second is between the agaves, aloes and echeverias for the top spot in my affections.  In terms of top plant, aloes have just leapt into the lead. The reason for this sudden change is this stunning plant

Aloe viper, from the stable of Kelly Griffin, and having seen one in the flesh it is now top of my wish list. I will let Xeric Growers describe it as it is their plant "This new Aloe Hybrid is one worth waiting for. The large highly contrasting raised red bumps are very distinct and set this great new offering apart from previous hybrids. We selected the name 'Viper' for this cultivar because it just looks like it is bleeding from every orafice. The raised red bumps appear to be eruptiong from the bright green leaves as if the plant had been injected with a deadly venom and is about to explode." As you can see they have gone for the soft, gentle approach to describing this plant!

If you live in the USA order one now, if for no other reason than you will make me very jealous.

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