Sunday 3 April 2011


Looking though my photos and at my plants as they get re-potted, I noticed how drawn I am to texture. Quite a few of the close up photos I have shown here has been because of the texture and often it is the texture that I like as much as anything else. It is only recently that a friend showed be that an important part of identifying agaves is feeling what seem like smooth leaves, showing if it is truly smooth or has a sandpaper finish.

Texture can take several forms; ridges, bumps and filaments that give the plant a hairy look.  One of them in the furry category is echeveria setosa a nice plant commonly found in the UK.  There is a blue form which is perhaps even better.

I find that as well as looking at my plants I like to touch them,  I think all forms of gardening are about all your senses, and it's not enough to just look these beautiful plants, you have to touch them as well.  This one at least is most definitely stroke-able, with others you have been be a lot more careful if you want your hands back undamaged!

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