Sunday 17 April 2011

The wetter side of Kew

My posts about Kew tend to focus on the succulents, so for a change I thought I would show some of the other plants. One of the little green houses is the water lily house, which has just re-opened after its winter clean.  It is too early for most of the lilies but there was a lovley little plant which I have not seen in there before, ludwigia sedoides.

I love the little regular shaped segments, it has a very mathematical feel.

It was only recently I learnt that they add black die to the water to show the plants off better.  It really works.

Most of the lilies are yet to flower, but this one was luminous


  1. I love that ludwigia sedoides! I wanted to buy it last year for our pond but was told it wouldn't do well in the shade....bummer.

  2. That is a shame, it is a lovely plant and would be a great addition to a pond.

  3. I love this plant!! I never knew what it was called before. Oh, and another reason (perhaps the most practical) that they add black dye is to keep algae production down, and if there are fish in the ponds, it acts to protect them a bit from winged predators :)

    1. Didn't know about the algae, thanks. There are a few little fish in the pond, but they are strictly monitored.