Sunday 8 May 2011

Busy weekend

It has been a busy and productive weekend with a bit of everything, plant shopping, looking around a public gardens and a good amount of time in the garden. This is a lovely time of year, with all the echeverias in flower along with the aloes.  Over the last couple of days I have actually been planting stuff, which is unusual for me.  I am much better with plants in pots than I am at plants in the ground, to be honest I am not a very good gardener but that is for another post. 

I did make time to take a picture of this recent purchase in full flower.  As the day went on the bees were buzzing around it, although the ones in my garden seem to prefer the yellow flowers of the echeverias to reds and oranges.

I will have to go back to being lazy again, so I have more time to blog.


  1. What a beautiful warm color. :)

    Unlike you, plants in the ground are so much easier for me than plants in pots. We are so dry here it's very difficult to keep potted plants sufficiently moist.

  2. I am aiming to plant a lot more in the future, as even here plants are easier in the ground (just getting them through the winter is not). There is no doubt I live in the wrong country for my obsession.

  3. These flowers are beautiful! And don't say your not a good gardener just because you would rather plant in pots. That is an art in itself and some regular gardeners can't grow things in pots but they can grow in the ground. You have a great collection.