Saturday 21 May 2011

A kew fix.

Popped along to Kew for a quick visit with some friends and to check how the agave flower was coming along.  It has already gone through the roof and wont be long before the flowers open.

They have taken the pane of glass out so it can continue growing, it will soon be visible from outside the greenhouse as well as in.  The plant is going to leave a huge gap once the flower finishes but I am sure they will find something to take its place. 

Most of the aloes have finished flowering but one or two were just starting.  I love the flowers when they are at this stage.  They seem more dramatic than when they start to open and separate into the individual flowers.

The bromeliad log was was doing well.

In the Palm House the jade vine had mainly finished flowering,  but the fruit is still there.

Hardly anyone seems to notice it hanging there and I imagine even less know exactly how rare it is.  Apparently it has only been managed anywhere in the world about 4 times before so it is a huge event.  We were talking about it and a few people looked up to see what all the fuss was about and seemed very underwhelmed.

They have a whole series of metal sculptures there at the moment, some better than others, these are some of the good ones


I'll end with my personal favourite.  It reminds me of some one, but I can't think who.

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  1. But you can't see the toes on this mutant monkey ... hee hee