Saturday 11 June 2011

A few different plants in the garden

For several reasons, I usually only show the spikie plants in the garden, but I do have a few other plants and some of these are worth a mention every now and then.  If I had a lot more space there I would love a woodland garden, there are just so many good plants you could have. Who doesn't like walking through a wood on spring or autumn days, and they are almost as easy as the succulents.

One group of plants I was introduced to a few years back were the arisaemas.  I just loved the flowers and rushed out and got my first one. I am always surprised when they come back each spring, but come back they do,  and even spread.

Some have such delicate hoods, it is a shame they are so hidden away.

At my next house I will have to have a shade bed I can properly show these off. Currently they live beside and under my schefflera taiwaniana which is also having a very good year:

Finally today I noticed that my smallest cycas revoluta was starting to flush. Normally these don't do too badly in my winters, but this last one damaged all of mine, and I have been waiting hoping they all flush so I have something other than stumps to look at.

It is only the start but no matter how many times you see it, a cycad flush is always exciting.

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