Tuesday 28 June 2011

A slight change in the weather

Having had a couple of warmer days, we had a change this afternoon with a huge thunder storm.  These are rare in London even more so with serious hail.  My OH happened to be at home at the time to catch it with the camera

The thing about hail is that after it finishes and you have got over the sound and stones, you start to worry about your plants.  A friend had a lot of his prized plants seriously marked in a similar storm last year.  Thankfully I got off easy; there are a few marks on the odd plant, but most are fine and there is no really noticeable damage.

Looking at the photo at first I thought that the blurs were rain on the window, but then realised my OH was standing outside at the time and they were actually the hail stones.  I also like the splash in the bottom right, which is even better blown up:

My OH has a knack for taking good photos.


  1. Cool! but glad your plants escaped relatively unscathed (though imagine Titchy was a bit chilly after photographing that lot)

  2. We had some hail this season and a lot of my succulents have little white dots or dents in them! Waaaaah!

  3. There are a few more plants than I first thought with little marks, but nothing serious. The more fluffy plants like brugmansias though didn't get off so easily and the leaves are shredded.
    Oxslip, Titchy was fine, it was really warm, part of the reason we had all the storms.