Tuesday 10 April 2012

Shed in flower

Looks like you cannot fight nature and with all the sun and warm weather we had in March everything has come into flower early this year in the shed.  Given that most echeveria flowers are yellow, the flowers are not exactly a techni-colour display. That is before you add the plants themselves still in their winter colours. Put the two together and you do get a feast for your eyes.

I love the different shapes of the flower spikes; the branched, the straight and the shepherds crook. Some go a little mad at this time of year and will need a good hack back once the flowers are over.

Some are just delicate, the graptopetalums have some of the best flowers.

Wherever you look there are flowers weaving between the other plants.

There is so much in flower I have no chance of controlling crosses, so it is down to nature this year and we shall see what it can do.


  1. You may be surprised what Mother Nature will do..

    1. It is nice that you have no idea what you will get. It just means you do not know both parents. My hybrids are normally aimed at hardiness, but it will be fun to do something different for a change.