Tuesday 4 June 2013

Look what's cooking.

Moving pots around I noticed the start of flower spikes on my bulbine latifolias. I last posted about them here, at the time they were small plants and I was just pleased to have got them through the seedling stage.  I have not figured out the best way to overwinter them; too much water and they get leggy, and I have gone the other way and not given them enough.  It has kept them small, but at this time of year they have a lot of dry tips to the leaves. 

They are obviously loving the start of summer, it has been lovely for the last week or so.  Today was perfect for all the succulents, and if the forecasts are to be believed it is going to stay like this at least until the end of the week. I will be giving them a bit of food to help with the flower spike. Looking forward to seeing if they last as long as they do at Kew, where they seem to last for ages.

A shame these slipped off my radar for a bit. Does anyone else hunt for plants for ages, only to forget they own them when the next must have comes along?  At least I found them early, and they can be pampered for the rest of the summer.

The plants are really stepping up for the first summer in the new garden.


  1. Mine actually died of drought; yours looks much better.

    1. We have slightly different problems when it comes to this one.