Tuesday 20 May 2014

A day in the green house

I had a great time in the green house over the weekend starting the job of re-potting. I did a lot last year, so not everything needs doing, but there are still quite a few plants that need more space or that I want to combine into planters. Starting with a couple of the agaves. This one is a compact form of agave parrasana. It has the word "minor" in the name but I'm not sure if that is official or just to say it stays smaller.

One of the variegated filiferas, the two offsets appeared last year and have done really well. This was potted into a larger bowl with the hope of creating a more natural looking landscape clump. 

The problem is what to add to make it stand out. I had a look through my small rocks and can not find a nice one. Where do you find get really good rocks from, maybe a bit of volcanic pumice or something a little different.

The main focus for the day were the haworthias I bought on my last tip and those that have been sitting around since last year. I have quite a few now and thought I would try a haworthia bowl. Originally this was going to be purely the dwarf haworthias, but  thought it needed a bit of height.

I don't like the gravel, like the agave it needs something to make the plants really stand out. The two forms of H. parksiana (if they are really different), are cute little things and I can't wait to see how they develop.

Does anyone else notice that the plants they buy tend to cluster around certain looks. As the potting continued I noticed a certain trend in the type of plant. This is aloe harworthioides, I love the almost furry look to it.

Then aloe haworthioides x descoingsii, slightly more spiny this time

I think I am going to have to change the gravel in this one, the plant has vanished. It is even worse from above.

There are two or three other plants with a very similar look. Thankfully the the next one was at least slightly different, haworthia acuminata "white ghost".

I am not a massive fan of this form of haworthia, I know people go mad for them and there are a lot of different varieties.  The variegation on this one was too nice to pass up, so it managed to sneak in.

It was lovely to be out pottering around the green house again.  The plants are starting to be moved into their summer locations, even if those going outside are only somewhere temporary. A few more days should see all the potting up done for this year, then I just need to find some nicer top dressing and some good stones to set the plants off.


  1. I enjoy an afternoon in the garden re-potting. Then space has to be found.

    1. I know, but fingers crossed I may have a garden to plant into soon at which point I'll free some space.

  2. I would use black gravel [fine] for that nice green Haworthia - nice specimen! I had some left over from a fish-keeping experiment, that was put to good use on my plants. And some white that brought out the colours on my darker plants too.

    1. I agree, that last one would look great with black small gravel. I understand quite a few succulent growers use fish tank gravel.