Saturday 17 May 2014

Straight in at the deep end.

Having not been able to garden so far, I finally got into the greenhouse and started the re-potting.  It is typical that we had an early spring and it is only now I have been able to even start on the pots.  There was to be no gentle break in, the first job was to sort the largest echeveria agavoides ebony. 

I spotted that a couple of the lowers leaves did not look great a month or so ago. I treated them but it has got much worse and there was no choice but to operate.  Top cutting should stop the spread and while it will set the plant back this year, at least there will still be a plant.  First stage was to remove the lower leaves.

It gives a chance to remove the pups I guess, these will still be kept as a group, as I want a large clump of these.  Having exposed the stem and felt that it seemed solid, it was time to cut the top off.

The stem seems good, so it will be rested on the bench for a few days and then potted up with the  pups.  If all goes according to plan it should be rooted and back into growth in a couple of months giving it time to have put on a bit size ready for next winter.

It is never nice cutting up a prized plant, but sometimes it can't be helped.

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