Saturday 7 June 2014

Graptopetalum tacitus bellus

Take two: I posted this a couple of days ago only to find out it had vanished, so lets try again.

I have a love hate relationship with this plant. It has a very compact and neat form which is part of the attraction. Sadly, not the fastest grower, although offsets nicely once finally settled and the clumps it forms make a good specimen plant to have out on display. At this time of year, each plant throws out several flower spikes with big flower for graptopetalums. Apart form the size and the colour, each flower has a ring of anthers which seem to hover above the flower itself.

I am guessing you may be thinking it doesn't sound bad, so what is the problem? Firstly it is a mealy bug magnet. I have no idea where they come from, but this plant manages to find some.  The problem could be that because of its very tight form, it is very difficult to treat, meaning you have to constantly apply any treatment far more than usual.  I never really trust I have cleaned it up and keep mine separate from the rest of my plants just in case. Finally it tends to suddenly give up the ghost and die.  I can never find anything wrong, and it seems to happen just as it forms a great clump making it even more annoying.

Of course these problems could be unique to me, maybe everyone else grows it without problems. Plus no matter how many I kill, I always end up replacing them and can't seem to not have it in my collection.  You see love / hate relationship.


  1. The touchiest plants are always the most beautiful.

  2. I did wonder where the post had gone. This plant is 'plant of the month' on the BCSS website.Also mentions the mealy problem and my plants have suffered the same way.

    1. I had noticed it on the BCSS site. It is the stand always one of the stand out plants at this time of the year. With mealy bug I do wonder how much is that it is you spot them later than you usually would. Then it is harder to treat.