Wednesday 11 June 2014

Update on the "temporary" echeveria planter

It is strange to think that it's 2 years since the dry bed was dug up for the big move.  At the time some of the echeverias were placed in a long planter until a new home could be found for them.

It didn't turn out to be such a short term solution and the poor things are still in there.  What's worse is the planter has been placed in front of the garage door out of the way and left to get on with it, no water and no winter protection.  So who would have guessed it would do so well.

The e. rosea have got a bit leggy and need a drastic chop to force them to shoot from the base again. Part of the problem is that all the heads flowered this year, and now the new growth has started above the old flowers.

The central group of e. black prince, e. agavoides red edge are a decent size. The e. agavoides red edges stand out against the pale blue of the e. secunda.

The e. deresina x agavoides hybrid is one of my own and now it is a decent size is an interesting plant. Also good to have some hardiness to it.

At the end, the e. secunda and e. elegans have taken over and are fighting for control.

Typical isn't it that plants that are ignored and left where they are not on display  are the ones that thrive.


  1. They look great! Maybe you should neglect your plants more often. ;^)

    1. I know, I must stop caring for my plants and let them get on with it.

  2. Were they out in the rain this Winter?

    1. Yes, although this one thing about the last winter, it may have been wet, but we had no real cold at all. Last winter pushed them a lot more with the snow and long periods of cold.