Sunday 17 March 2019

Plants are waking up

It's that time of year again, alternating between the joy of plants waking up and the fear of them rotting. The UK has had a very mild winter so hopefully this will reduce the amount of end of winter damage.  We just need spring to be not too wet and just for once to move smoothly from winter - spring - summer.

Anyway it's time to start waking the plants up and getting back into the garden and greenhouse.  This is about checking how the plants have done, removing any signs of rot and checking for bugs.  The greenhouse is looking good.

The manfreda / mangave bench is looking the best it ever has. I kept a closer eye on these this year having learnt that they do not like to totally dry out even over winter.  This made a big difference and even the small manfreda guttata offsets that I removed at the end of last summer, are not looking bad.  The mangave fans may spot some surprises / future posts in there.

The echeveria agavoides 'ebony' in the black bowl has formed a really good shape. It's lost some of the colour as expected, but will colour up as soon as it can be moved outside.  The large bowl is more established.

This year they seem to have held their colour much better than previous years.  Hopefully this will mean an even darker colour when they go back into their summer spot.  The bowl is now full, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens as they start to push up against each other.

It's good to be back in the greenhouse again and thinking about projects for the year. Lots in the pipeline, so hopefully we'll have a good summer.


  1. Ahhh Chris has awakened from his winter slumber too.

    Plants look in good condition and those lovely Ebonies have held their great colour.

    1. Thank you. Your set set of agavoides has overtaken mine now, so once they have grown they will look amazing.

  2. hahaha Wayne that's what I thought too!

    The majority of plants in your greenhouse go without water the entire winter?

    1. Yes the general rule for my succulents is I stop watering in November and start watering again in April. Between that there are certain plant slike mangaves that I will water once maybe twice. Most go without any water all for for that period.