Thursday 28 March 2019

Wheeling out the first pots

To free up some space int eh greenhouse, or more correctly to move the pots that were on the floor stoping access, the first pots have been moved out. Nothing sensitive at the moment, so it ia mainly the echeveria agavoides forms.

From left to right: bordeaux, ebony, red edge and finally my seed grown ebony without coloured tips. They have really taken to their pots. I'm planning on taking the offsets off these to keep them as single plants, there are other pots with clumps in.

One of the other pots, is the Tonka truck.

To think i spent years trying to grow this orostachys spinosa, loosing it every winter as I thought it as a hardy alpine. Simply moving it under cover over winter was all it needed.  Now I have a truck full.

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