Wednesday 3 July 2013

The secret life of snails

I should probably start this with the type of warning you see on programs now.  This post contains images of a sexual nature. It may not be suitable for everyone.

This year I have been following a daily routine of checking behind and under pots for snails and slugs.  It seems to be working and I have had a lot less snail damage on my plants.  Today I was a bit surprised to find this.

I have seen wildlife photos and programs about snails mating, but never caught any in the act.

I considered leaving them to their moment of happiness, but then remembered my plants and they were disposed of.


  1. omg, lol u do spend some time in the garden!. I have never witnessed snails 'doing the nasty'... glad u got rid of them, at least u waited till they were done, eh? :-)

    1. I like to spend a bit of time before going to work and when coming home each evening in the garden. As there is not a lot of actual gardening to do at the moment, gives me time to look around all the pots.