Tuesday 16 July 2013

We're melting

A fair amount of the UK is having quite a heat wave and it is causing havoc. We are literally melting, part of the biggest motorway had to be closed as the tarmac melted. Yesterday one of the London's main stations had to close during the evening rush hour due to the track buckling in the heat. It must be hot, everyone from abroad must be thinking, low 40s or at least high 30s.  The temperatures causing these problems 30C!

We are into our second week of actual summer weather and given we have not had a summer for 4 years it is a bit of a shock.  It is typical though as I now have a green house to give some heat in our bad summers, and the poor plants are being cooked.  I am going to have to move them outside, which is going to risk scorching them in the sun.

Those plants that are outside are mainly really enjoying the heat, even though they are probably a bit shocked to get treated to such warmth. There are all exceptions though and I have managed to kill this one again, scleranthus-biflorus-sso-uniflorus.

Does anyone else have those plants they really want, should be able to keep and just keep killing.  I will give it one more go, if anyone has any tips, please let me know, but I suspect it is simply too much sun and not enough water.

Apart from that, I am loving this summer, this is what we have been missing for the last few years.


  1. I have never seen one/heard of that plant... you could try putting it under deep shade and watering it... I've had roses that turned literally to brown and they came back w/a lot of water and shade..if its not diseased, I think u can just doctor it w/water and shade.

  2. That's amazing, whats happening to your roads, you must use something different to make them to us, coz Ive never heard of roads buckling under heat in Australia!

    1. I am sure someone will say it is to do with the amount of traffic, not just the temp, but you would think they could cope with 30C wouldn't you, given what the roads in places like OZ have to put up with.

  3. O calor ,nos castiga aqui também ,graça a Deus estamos no inverno. lindas plantas você tem.

    boa semana.