Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Distraction from the rain.

It has been horrible weather here lately, windy, wet and generally not the type of weather that invites you out into the garden. Sitting inside looking out the window at the rain, I was reminded of the games we used to play when young and it was miserable like today.  One of them was where one person would start off writing a story on a piece of paper, then fold the paper over and pass it to the next person.  They would write the next bit and repeat etc. At the end you unravel the paper to read the full story,  which of course normally makes no sense at all.  I am sure most people have played this at some time.

Being new to blogging, and still exploring all the blogs out there I thought I would try a blog version of this and use the "favourite blogs" section to explore.  I thought it only fair to start on my favourites, so I started with Danger Garden. Todays topic was tomatoes, which I have to admit I did not mind as you have to be mad not to love tomatoes! Seeing those roasted goodies made me hungry, so it was lucky it was lunch time and I was already eating my lunch. So where next, there were a few blogs to choose from but one name jumped out at me, the dandelion wrangler.  What a great name and so with one click I was off.  While I did not learn how to wrangle dandelions (something that would come in handy in most gardens!) I did find some lovely photos, I particularly liked this one. 

Photo from the dandelion wrangler blog.

But no rest for the time limited, so off to dandelion wrangler's favourites list and Rock Paper Lizard seemed a fun variation on the games theme. Lots to read here, but the snapping turtle story looked like it would make a good read and I was not disappointed. But where next?  Given the play on words, I thought I would continue on that and try Heavy Petal, which strangely proved that the world is in fact round and we were back at roasting tomatoes!

Unfortunately my lunch break was now over, so I had to stop my little tour and get back to reality.  But at least I had forgotten it was wet and miserable outside.


  1. What a great sign, mine would say bindweed trials I think

  2. What a fun game! And I am honored that you started with my blog, even if I was a little off topic that day.

  3. Oxslip: My OH keeps threatening to have a sign made up saying "Anything in a pot is spare, please take"

    DG: There is obviously something in the air about tomatoes at the moment they are everywhere.