Monday, 25 October 2010

From dogs to dragons.

One of the highlights of my spiky obsession is meeting others who share it. So I took advantage of being in Yorkshire to arrange to drop in on another agave fan.  I love these visits as apart from having the opportunity to have a nosy around their plants,  it is great to be able to sit down and talk with others who are as obsessed as you.

That reminds me. Clues that you are spiky obsessed No. 2: You always try to sneak in one visit to a collection or garden whenever you go away.

This latest trip was a fine example,  and I was welcomed by the whole family who kindly let me gate crash their Saturday.  One thing I am always interested in is how involved partners are.  I am sure my OH will be relieved that she is not the only one to look at windowsills full of plants with resignation (but I am pleased to say not without a smile).   But enough of the sandwiches and cake (thank you by the way), there were plants to look at and it was out to the greenhouse.

I think it is safe to say that these trips are one sure way to add to the list of plants you want in your collection!  Having seen some photos of his collection before the trip I knew which plants I was looking forward to seeing,  but they are so much better in person.  This little agave filfera is beautiful and was on my list before seeing it. Sadly despite a couple of very unsubtle hints,  and even trying to carry the pot out with me,  it will have to stay on my list for a little longer.

This agave gypsophila ivory curls was also stunning.  It is one I have been considering since seeing photos and plant in another friend's collection,  but this one was enough to tip me over the edge and I am now going to have to go out and find one for myself.  Again hints and tricks were unsuccessful, but at least I left with the knowledge that they are in a good home!

There were of course many other lovely plants all in fantastic condition so here are a couple more, just for pure indulgence!!

Agave parasana variegate
Agave kissho kan variegate
Agave isthmensis variegate
Thanks again to my host and his family.  While I was a little distracted by the plant talk,  I did have time to see a toy that allows you to build lots of different aliens, very clever and I may have to look it out as a Christmas present for one of my nephews! Of course you never leave these trips empty handed, and while I couldn't wangle either the plants mentioned above,  I was kindly allowed to liberate the pup off this lovely little agave parryi var patoni.

I couldn't end without giving a mention to Indy the Bearded Dragon who seems to have a taste for cockroaches and sunbathing. He was absolutely stunning, and I'm pleased to say more than a little spiky!


  1. OMG! Those first two are absolutely to die for!!! I've never seen anything like them, especially the first one. WOW. I'll be keeping my eyes open for these!

  2. Do you know if they planted in just pebbles or in soil with a pebble top layer? Beautiful pictures!

    1. There is a succulent soil mix under the gravel. As they are all in greenhouse he can water is not an issue.