Saturday, 9 October 2010

Posh shanty

One of the problems with growing succulents in the UK is that the combination of cold and wet is a fast track to problems. At this time of year thoughts therefore turn to winter protection. The trouble with protecting plants over winter is that most of the available options, whether you choose to wrap in fleece, build a rain shelter or use ready made plastic bell cloches, end up making your garden look a bit like a shanty town.

So partly to avoiding this look, I have been doing a stained glassed course and used the opportunity to make a couple of glass cloches. This one is more traditional looking:

While the second is more minimal and I'm really pleased with how it works with the agave filifera inside it. It is like a little installation.

So no shanty town for my plants, it's all 5 star accommodation (I just hope they don't notice there is no heating.).

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