Saturday, 23 October 2010

Light at last

There should be a saying: you can choose where you work,  but not the desk you sit at.  Up until May this meant I sat in an office without windows.  So while it may seem unexciting to most people I was very exciting to move to my new office where I had not just one but two windows!

Obviously the main reason for my excitement had little to do with the natural light I would now be getting during the day,  but the flat surfaces in front of the window which make perfect places to over winter a few plants.  So for 10 days my OH was thrilled to see two plants each day leaving with me to work,  (and unusually nothing coming back).

Clues you are a spiky obsessed No. 1: You look at windows and windowsills, not as good sources of light for you, but as perfect places to overwinter your plants!

The windows were being cleaned over the weekend and so they had to be moved off the windowsills onto filing cabinets. I quite like them all lined up like this,  plus of course it means the windowsills are empty again!

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