Saturday, 30 October 2010

Prop up

I have mentioned before that my OH is not a huge fan of my spiky obsession, top of her dislike list would be being attacked by the agaves, and having hundreds of pots cluttering up the garden.  You can therefore imagine her reaction at this time of year when the plants start to migrate inside for winter and all the windowsills are cluttered with pots of agaves waiting to ambush her when she opens the curtains.

At the start of the year in an attempt to reduce the number of pots on windowsills, I got a three level propagator kindly made by my father-in-law.  This will be its first full winter and it has started to fill up.  The three levels allow me to store different plants,  the bigger pots on the tops,  then small pots on the middle level  and seedlings on the bottom (which also has a heat matt if needed).  The two lower levels have lights to avoid the plants form getting leggy. It is not full yet, so there should be enough space for the last of my plants to be moved in for winter, and for a few new seeds should any turn up.

So with this new area,  and taking all the plants to work  obviously my OH is now thrilled to have empty windowsills.  Well she would have been if I hadn't bought one or two more plants to fill the available space.  Maybe next year ....


  1. Very good! I wish I could put my plants in a space like this! Almost half of my garage is taken up by plants when the time comes! I would like some grow lights for sure. May have to put some in the garage this year.

  2. Candy: It has worked very well for me. And the grow lights work a treat especially for the younger plants.