Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Eye candy

I thought I would use the cold and wet weather as an excuse to show some pictures of one my favourite groups of plants; echeverias.  For me they are the lookers of the succulent world; coming in lots of colours, shapes and sizes.

There are the bright metalic colours, like afterglow

The neat rosette forms, like pulidonis

The frillie ones, such as mauna loa

The more solid ones, this one is agavoides ebony (not mine but from the national BCSS show)

The hairy ones, one of my best clumps of setosa

Ones covered in fine powder giving them a blue or white colouring: a practically nice one is john catlin.

The ones that provide colour over winter, the whole of rosea turns red from January to May.

And finally the variegated ones, without date is compton carousel

So there is no excuse not to have at least on of these brightening up your house over winter (or at least that is what I try to persuade my OH).


  1. OK, you've persuaded me, we can have at least one (and that means just two) in the house.

  2. Of course you are preaching to the choir here but I LOVE them all. Beautiful! I think every room of the house should have 1 (or 2)...

  3. Great photos! I would choose the hairy one Titchy, it's my fave

  4. Thank you DG, Titchy needs all the pursuading she can get to let me move plants into the house.
    Oxslip: The rosea is one of the ones I gave you when you took away the little collection of plants. Next time I will give you a Setosa (the hairy one) as well!

  5. Those are beautiful, and beautifully cared for. I think you have some there in the UK that are unavailable here, and I am envious. 'Compton Carousel' looks like E. imbricata dipped in white chocolate...wow!

  6. HB: E. Compton Carousel is a variegated form of E. Secunda 'Glauca'. It is one of the few to come out of UK.