Sunday, 24 October 2010

Something a little more fluffy.

It has got cold and we have had our first proper frost of the winter.  While the cold is worrying for the plants, the first snow of the year was almost perfectly timed for me and OH to cash in an I.O.U of husky sledding.  I love huskies and have always wanted to try going sledding with them. So I was very pleased with a Christmas present from the in-laws of husky sledding in Yorkshire.  So as to not overheat the huskies, they only operate in winter, so we had to wait until now to claim.

We started with a trip around the kennels, they have 30 dogs all beautiful and friendly.  Looking down between the kennels, they were all desperately sticking their heads out eager to lick anything they could get their tongues to.  This was one of the older dogs,  who is now retired (he has obviously decided that all the licking is too undignified for a dog of his stature).

Having met all the adult dogs we were introduced to this little cutie, who was the last of their latest set of puppies. I think everyone wanted to take him home, although I think the diet of raw chicken may have put us off slightly.

Obviously you can't guarantee snow in the UK, so they use large scooters, specifically designed to be pulled by dogs.  Two dogs are attached and after a short set of instructions you are off on a lap of the test track.  The dogs, seem to know this is only a test track and they don't put much effort, which is lucky as it gives you a chance to get used to them.

Once you have the hang of it,  the real trek starts.  The dogs seem to sense this one is for real and the difference is huge.  Before you set off you can feel them straining ready to go, and with one word they are off.  The power is amazing, one of mine obviously wasn't into it on this day and decided to lag slightly behind leaving the other to do all the work,  despite this one dog managed to pull me along at a fair old pace for 3 miles. I would have loved to have them both really put some effort it it would have been even more exhilarating.

Sadly it has proved what I already knew; that as much as I love huskies they are not a suitable dog for London.  So I will just have to be content with the odd husky sledding adventure, this time was Yorkshire,  maybe next time it will be somewhere more in keeping and hopefully with some real snow!

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